This is a fitness and lifestyle clothing brand based out of Canada. I built this brand driven by my passion for fitness and to inspire others to reach their highest potential with confidence. Over the years of training clients, a common theme I encountered was low-self-esteem in themselves when it came to a gym setting. This was mainly due to uncertainty in how to achieve their fitness goals and being confident doing so. 


My goal in building this brand is to help others feel strong, stylish and confident while crushing their fitness goals. 


This brand was built to be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. It’s all in the details; from stylish designs, hand-picked colours and custom contour definition to accentuate natural curves. Our lifestyle clothing is designed to make you feel confident, comfortable and stylish in the gym and everyday life. 


Uruz Lifestyle is more than just a brand it’s a family. It’s a movement to bettering yourself and others. To empower each other, to reach your goals while feel amazing doing so. As we build as a team, we unlock the ambitions in others to become a better version of themselves.  

URUZ Lifestyle

Uruz is beyond grateful for each of you who have become part of the team and are fortunate to be a part of your journey. 

Yours truly,

Courtney Palmer